Who is Octavus?

It is an Italian company formed by traders specialized in OPTIONS LONG RANGE.

Its founders are Francesco Barcello, Michele Troglio and Alexander Canton; The company discloses the basic principles of the options: financial instruments mostly used by huge investment funds that, allow Italian investors to raise their financial culture and get greater awareness in the world of investments.

Looking for returns on the markets should be normal but thanks to the thousands scam sites that offer stellar returns and creating a huge amount of spam in this sector, Octavus and his team are committed to explain:

•On the markets you can make returns but not figures that report 100% annual performance
•The most of actively managed investment funds do not exceed from 20% per year of performance
•The past returns are NEVER a confirmation of future performance

These are the three key points for Octavus management that serve as a warning to all users to be in line, at least, with the expectations they should have from the market. As investor always keep in mind: “Information is the best return that exists”.

But who are the Octavus Team and what are they doing?

As mentioned above, the Octavus Team is composed of: Michele Troglio, Francesco Barcello and Alexander Canton.

They are traders specialized in OPTIONS who promote the cardinal principles of a method that is very adopted in the States, but little known in Italy.

The team studies have been done following Trader Marco Ciucci and studying the principles of Hurst, Gann and Fibonacci.

The investment methodology used to analyze financial markets is among the most complex, advanced and unique. It is based on a purely discretionary approach combined with a series of rules that allow the identification of the best entry areas.

The team to analyze a tool uses analysis:

* Cyclical
* Volumetric
* Technique

The union of these three great schools of thought allows the team to identify very precise areas, working with future projections on the trend of the analysed securities and ensuring greater precision in identifying the targets.

All this has been combined with the use of OPTIONS with structures and directions, which allow, without pressure and with controlled risk, the operational management.

The team participates in a weekly “Options” column on LeFonti TV, where it analyzes, explains and warns listeners about possible future movements;

It periodically provides operational analysis on “trend-online” with the OPTIONS instrument;

They collaborate with Sicav and trading company.

The Octavus Team undertakes to disclose, with a permeable and understandable language, the primary concepts of finance and OPTIONS, trying to avoid unpleasant situations to its users and readers, perhaps due to the lack of awareness and knowledge of this narrow sector.